Turnlock Quarter Turns Fasteners
Secure quick release fastener system. Usable on high number of operating cycles!
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Easy to use and fast operation reduces assembly costs!
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Turnlock fasteners are standardized worldwide!
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Our assortment fasteners covers a wide range of different sizes!
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Our fasteners allow for tolerance compensation and have vibration resistant qualities!
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Turnlock ITSP-1Z Installation

What’s the new part number for the 991S115-*AGV series? Turn-Lock has developed a new part number for the 991S115-*AGV: HHSTLWG-*Z The new …

Case Story: The Use Of HGRRN33BZ And HGRTLS-13Z On The Bonnets Of Airplanes Aerospace Case Story: The usage of HGRRN33BZ and HGRTLS-13Z …

The interpretation for structural is that any structure such as a fastened panel is critical to the design loads of an airframe.  …

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