Turnlock Quarter Turns Fasteners
Secure quick release fastener system. Usable on high number of operating cycles!
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Easy to use and fast operation reduces assembly costs!
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Turnlock fasteners are standardized worldwide!
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Our assortment fasteners covers a wide range of different sizes!
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Our fasteners allow for tolerance compensation and have vibration resistant qualities!
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Turnlock Aluminium

Turnlock ITSP-1Z Installation

The Turnlock tool ITRP-1Z serves the purpose of installing the retaining ring onto the grommet of the HGR series. It is compatible …

The quarter turns from our HGR series and MHS series are extensively utilized in the aerospace and transportation sectors. Consequently, the company …

A turnlock typically doesn’t ensure a fixed clamping force. Instead, the clamping force varies based on the thickness of the panels in …

The receptacles Camloc MHSRFWZ, HHSRFWZ, and turnlock MTHRFWS come equipped with weld nibs designed for projection welding.     This particular welding …

Spring Loaded 1/4 turn fasteners are widely used in various industries for their convenience and efficiency in panel access. These fasteners offer …

Do you have an alternative to 26R45-1-1AA? Turnlock can supply an alternative to 26R45-1-1AA, which is part number MTHRCIZ The Clip In …

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