Terms and Conditions of Anemo Engineering


Sales and deliveries by Anemo Engineering BV shall be made exclusively in accordance with the following General Terms of Sale and Delivery (hereinafter referred to as "T&Cs"), which shall be accepted by Customer by the placing of an order or the receipt of delivery. They shall also apply to all future transactions of Anemo Engineering BV with Customer. The application of Customer's conflicting or supplementary terms shall be excluded, even if such terms are not expressly objected to by Anemo Engineering BV.

Offers by Anemo Engineering BV shall be non-binding. A contract shall not become effective until it has been confirmed by Anemo Engineering BV in a written confirmation of order and shall be governed exclusively by the contents of the confirmation of order and these T&Cs. Oral agreements or promises are only valid if they have been confirmed by Anemo Engineering BV in writing.

Anemo Engineering BV retains all rights in the sales documentation (in particular pictures, drawings, data on size and weight) and the samples. These items must not be made available to third parties and must be returned to Anemo Engineering BV without undue delay on demand.

The prices at which Anemo Engineering BV will supply the products to Customer shall be agreed upon between the parties.

If the agreed delivery date is scheduled more than four months after conclusion of the contract and if after conclusion of the contract, Anemo Engineering BV faces unforeseeable cost increases with respect to the products, Anemo Engineering BV may, at its reasonable discretion, increase the agreed prices accordingly, in particular in accordance with increases of the costs for labour, raw materials, storage, energy and transportation as well as increases of the applicable public taxes and duties.

Upon Customer's request, Anemo Engineering BV shall prove these cost increases to Customer. Customer may request reasonable changes pursuant to this provision in the design, agreed-upon specifications for the products or in delivery schedules. Any such changes, including changes in the volumes, may result in price adjustments, which the parties agree to negotiate equitably. If the parties cannot agree on the price adjustment, Anemo Engineering BV is not obliged to accept the requested changes.

The prices agreed do not include any applicable statutory VAT or other taxes and duties.

Except as otherwise agreed, Anemo Engineering BV will deliver the products ex-works from Anemo Engineering BV‘s respective manufacturing plant (Incoterms 2000 .EXW.). In case the Customer is established in a country of the European Union, Anemo Engineering BV will deliver the products DDU in the city where the Customer is established.

Customer will be responsible for arranging for loading, freight and insurance from Anemo Engineering BV‘s manufacturing plant to its facility.

Delivery deadlines and delivery periods are only binding if they have been confirmed by Anemo Engineering BV in writing and Customer has provided Anemo Engineering BV in a timely manner with all of the information or documentation required for the performance of such delivery and Customer has paid any advance payments in the manner and amount as agreed upon by the parties. Delivery periods agreed upon by the parties shall begin on the date of the confirmation of the applicable order. In the event of additional or supplementary contracts, the delivery periods shall be extended accordingly.

With regard to products which Anemo Engineering BV does not produce itself, the correct and timely self-supply shall be reserved.

If deliveries by Anemo Engineering BV are delayed, Customer shall only be entitled to rescind the contract if Anemo Engineering BV is responsible for the delay and after a reasonable grace period set by Customer has expired.

Should Customer be in default of the acceptance of delivery or should it be in breach of any other obligations to cooperate with Anemo Engineering BV , Anemo Engineering BV shall be entitled to reasonably store the object of delivery at Customer's risk and expense, without prejudice to its other rights. Anemo Engineering BV may make partial delivery for good reason.

Anemo Engineering BV will issue invoices or other forms of payment notice (such as EDI) to Customer. Except as otherwise agreed, all invoices are immediately payable in advance, meaning before the delivery of the products to the Customer. All payments must be made by bank transfer to the bank account mentioned by Anemo Engineering BV , including bank charges. In the event the Customer is in default, Anemo Engineering BV shall be entitled to demand default interest at a rate of 8 % above the base interest rate. The assertion of a claim for further damages due to the default shall remain unaffected.

If Anemo Engineering BV has reasonable grounds to assume Customer’s impossibility to perform, Anemo Engineering BV may demand additional other terms of payment from those agreed and/or a security. If such prepayments or security have not been rendered or Customer has not agreed to such changed payment terms even after the expiration of a reasonable grace period granted by Anemo Engineering BV , Anemo Engineering BV may, notwithstanding any further rights, partially or totally rescind individual or all of the contracts.

Customer is only entitled to a set off if its counterclaim is uncontested or has been finally adjudicated.

Customer is only entitled to assert a right of retention to the extent that its counterclaim is based on the same contract or is uncontested or has been finally adjudicated.

Anemo Engineering BV warrants that the products have the agreed characteristics at the time of the passage of the risk.

The characteristics of the object of delivery shall exclusively be determined by the specific agreements made by the parties in writing with regard to the characteristics and features of the products.

Customer’s warranty rights require that the Customer inspects the object of delivery upon receipt without undue delay and notifies within ten days Anemo Engineering bv about any defects without undue delay in writing. Hidden defects must be notified in writing without undue delay upon their discovery.

If the products are defective, Anemo Engineering BV shall be entitled to remove the defect at its option by remedying the defects or delivery of replacement products, both free of charge to Customer. In the event of any notification of a defect, Anemo Engineering BV shall have the right to inspect and test the products to which objection was made. Upon request of Anemo Engineering BV, Customer shall return the defective products to Anemo Engineering BV at the cost of Anemo Engineering BV.

Customer shall grant Anemo Engineering BV the necessary reasonable time and opportunity for remedying the defects or delivering replacement products. Customer is aware that Anemo Engineering BV is only the seller/distributor of the products, and not the manufacturer, so that Anemo Engineering BV is in no case liable for damages that are due to defects in the products.

Should a defect not be removed or a replacement not be delivered within a reasonable time period granted by Customer or should the removal of a defect by remedy or the delivery of a replacement fail, should such remedy be unreasonable for Customer or has Anemo Engineering BV refused such remedy, Customer may demand, at its option, the rescission of the contract or a reasonable reduction of the purchase price and/or damages pursuant, or the reimbursement of its futile expenses.

Items that have been replaced by Anemo Engineering BV shall, upon Anemo Engineering BV’s demand, be returned to Anemo Engineering BV.

Goods returned without prior written agreement will not be accepted or credited.

Anemo Engineering BV shall not assume any warranty for defects for which Customer bears responsibility such as inappropriate or improper use, faulty treatment or incorrect installation of the products by Customer. The period of limitations for claims for hidden defects shall be twelve months from the hand-over of the object of delivery to Customer.

The liability of Anemo Engineering BV to pay damages is limited as follows:

In case of a breach of material contractual obligations Anemo Engineering BV shall only be liable up to the amount of the typically foreseeable damage at the time of entering into the contract. Anemo Engineering BV shall not be liable for the breach of a non-material contractual obligation.

The aforementioned limitation of liability does not apply for a liability under the product liability act, for damages caused by intent or gross negligence and for culpably caused personal injuries.

During any recall or service campaign initiated by Customer, in order to correct defects for which Anemo Engineering BV is responsible, Anemo Engineering BV will supply products necessary for the campaign at its own expense. If Anemo Engineering BV is responsible for the campaign, Anemo Engineering BV will reimburse Customer for the reasonable costs of assembly and disassembly operations necessary to correct the defect. If the recall or service campaign is used to correct multiple defects, which are not solely attributable to Anemo Engineering BV, Anemo Engineering BV will pay its reasonable share of the costs attributable to correcting its defect.

Customer hereby releases, holds harmless, indemnifies and defends Anemo Engineering BV from and against any loss, liability, claims, suits, and costs caused by, arising out of, or relating to the design of products supplied hereunder or the design of the packages or containers in which they are shipped, if such products, packages or containers are made in compliance with Customer’s design or specifications. Customer further releases, holds harmless, indemnifies and defends Anemo Engineering BV from and against any loss, liability, claims, suits, and costs caused by, arising out of, or relating to the engagement of subcontractors designated by the Customer. If Customer resells the products, it shall indemnify Anemo Engineering BV within their internal relationship against product liability claims of third parties to the extent the Customer is responsible for the defect causing liability.

The sale of the products does not convey to Customer any right or license of any kind under any patent owned or controlled by Anemo Engineering BV or under which Anemo Engineering BV is licensed, but the foregoing shall not be understood to limit in any way the right of Customer to use and sell the products, in the event that the products sold hereunder are covered by any such patent.

Anemo Engineering BV will own, and will be entitled to apply for patents or other intellectual property protection for, any developments it conceives in the course of supplying the object of delivery to Customer. To the extent that the use and sale by Customer of its products requires the use of such developments, Anemo Engineering BV hereby grants to Customer a royalty-free,non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-assignable license to use such developments for this purpose.

Anemo Engineering BV understands that Customer will require service parts for 5 years following the final model year of production. During series production of the products, Anemo Engineering bv will supply any necessary service parts at the then applicable prices. At least 2 years prior to the end of series production, Anemo Engineering BV and Customer will agree on a spare parts production plan, which will include details of Customer’s anticipated service parts requirements and the prices at which Anemo Engineering BV is willing to supply such, including any necessary set up and run charges, costs for assembly (if any), and the costs of any replacement tooling required for the production of service parts.

Events which are unforeseeable, unavoidable and lie beyond the sphere of influence of Anemo Engineering BV and for which Anemo Engineering BV does not bear responsibility, such as war, natural disasters, strikes, actions requested by governmental authorities or lack of transportation facilities, shall release Anemo Engineering BV for the duration of such event from its obligation to make timely delivery or perform timely. Periods agreed upon between the parties shall be extended by the length of such disturbance, and Customer shall be informed of the occurrence of such disturbance in a reasonable manner. If the end of such disturbance is not foreseeable, or should it continue for more than two months, each party is entitled to rescind the contract.

Any equipment or tooling which Anemo Engineering BV constructs or acquires for use exclusively in the production of products for Customer at Anemo Engineering BV’s expense is and will remain Anemo Engineering BV’s property and in Anemo Engineering BV’s possession and control.

Any equipment, materials or tooling owned, furnished or paid for by Customer will be carefully handled and stored by Anemo Engineering BV while in Anemo Engineering BV’s possession. Following the end of series production, or, if Anemo Engineering BV is to supply service parts, the end of such supply, Anemo Engineering BV may, by written notice to Customer, request Customer to make disposition of such at Customer’s expense. If Customer fails to do so even after a grace period set by Anemo Engineering BV, Anemo Engineering BV may make such use or disposition of said equipment or materials as it desires without liability to Customer.

The delivered products shall remain the property of Anemo Engineering BV until any and all claims of Anemo Engineering BV arising under its business relationship with Customer have been fully paid.

In the case of current accounts, this retention of title shall be deemed to be security of the claim for the balance to which Anemo Engineering BV is entitled.

Customer shall only be allowed to sell the products subject to retention of title within normal and proper business transactions. Customer is not entitled to pledge the products subject to retention of title, grant chattel mortgages on them or make other dispositions endangering Anemo Engineering BV‘s title to such products. Customer hereby assigns its claim under the resale of the products to Anemo Engineering BV, and Anemo Engineering BV hereby accepts such assignment.

Should Customer sell the products subject to retention of title after processing or transformation or joining of such products with other goods or together with other goods, this assignment of claim shall only be agreed to in the amount of the portion equivalent to the price agreed to between Anemo Engineering BV and Customer plus a safety margin of 10 % of this price.

Customer is granted the revocable authorization to collect in trust the claims assigned to Anemo Engineering BV in its own name. Anemo Engineering BV may revoke such authorization and the right to resell the products if Customer is in default of the performance of material obligations such as making payment to Anemo Engineering BV. In case of revocation Anemo Engineering BV is entitled to collect the claims.

Any processing or transformation of the products subject to retention of title by Customer shall always be for Anemo Engineering BV. If products subject to retention of title are processed with other goods, Anemo Engineering BV shall acquire joint ownership of the new goods in the ratio of the value of the products subject to retention of title to the other processed goods at the time of processing. The same regulations applying to the products subject to retention of title shall otherwise apply to the new goods created by processing.

Should the products subject to retention of title be joined with other goods, Anemo Engineering BV shall acquire joint ownership of the new goods in the ratio of the value of the products subject to retention of title to the other goods at the date of joining. Should the joining of the goods occur in such manner that Customer's goods are to be viewed as the main goods, it shall be deemed to have been agreed that Customer shall assign proportionate joint ownership to Anemo Engineering BV. Customer shall hold the joint ownership created in such manner in custody for Anemo Engineering BV.

Customer shall provide Anemo Engineering BV at all times with all desired information concerning the products subject to retention of title or claims assigned to Anemo Engineering BV under this contract. Attachments of or claims by third parties to the products subject to retention of title shall be immediately reported to Anemo Engineering BV by Customer and accompanied by the necessary documents. Customer shall at the same time advise the third party of Anemo Engineering BV‘s retention of title. The costs of a defense against attachments and claims shall be borne by Customer.

Customer is obliged to treat the products subject to retention of title with care for the duration of the retention of title. Should the realizable value of the securities exceed all of Anemo Engineering BV claims which are to be secured by more than 10 %, Customer shall be entitled to demand a release to such extent.

Should Customer be in default of material obligations such as payment to Anemo Engineering BV, Anemo Engineering BV may withdraw from the contract and demand back the products subject to retention of title and otherwise realize upon them for the purpose of satisfying its matured claims against Customer without prejudice to any other rights Anemo Engineering BV may have. In such case, Customer shall grant Anemo Engineering BV or Anemo Engineering BV‘s agents immediate access to the products subject to retention of title and surrender the same.

In the case of deliveries to other jurisdictions in which the foregoing provisions governing the retention of title do not have the same security effect as in Belgium, Customer shall do everything to create equivalent security rights for Anemo Engineering BV without undue delay. Customer shall cooperate in all measures such as registration, publication, etc.

which are necessary and beneficial to the validity and enforceability of such security rights.

On Anemo Engineering BV’s demand, Customer is obliged to insure the products subject to the retention of title appropriately, to provide Anemo Engineering BV with the respective proof of such insurance and to assign the claims arising from such insurance to Anemo Engineering BV.

If the employees, agents or representatives of either party enter upon the property of the other party, each party agrees to comply with the applicable company’s rules and regulations including its environmental, health, safety and security rules and regulations.

The goods supplied hereunder do have any necessary license for export to their country of destination. The Customer declares that he buys the goods not for dual-use. In case the Customer intends to buy goods for dual-use, the Customer shall previously inform Anemo Engineering BV in written form of his intention. Any diversion by Customer to a different country may be prohibited, or require the Customer to receive a validated export license under applicable export control regulations.

Customer is liable for any change of the country of destination and the application and grant of the respective licenses and will indemnify and hold Anemo Engineering BV harmless from any claims in connection with the change of the country of destination.

The laws of the Kingdom of Belgium shall apply with the exception of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The Belgian version of the T&Cs is binding.

Exclusive venue for all disputes arising under the contractual relationship shall be the courts of Veurne (Belgium). Anemo Engineering BV is entitled, however, to sue Customer at any other court having statutory jurisdiction.

Amendments of and supplements to the contract and these T&Cs and any side agreements must be in writing. The same shall apply to the amendment of this written form requirement.

If a provision of the contract and/or these T&Cs is fully or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain thereby unaffected.

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